COVID related cashless insurance claims must be settled within one hour: IRDAI to insurance providers


As the hospitals are becoming overwhelmed due to rising cases of COVID-19, the  Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has asked the insurers to settle the cashless insurance claims within 1 hour from the time of receiving the necessary documents and the authorization request. As per the directions of IRDAI the insurers should approve the cashless claims related with COVID-19 within this time period so that the hospital beds can be freed as quickly as possible for the new patients.

IRDAI has clearly stated that the decision on final discharge of the patients covered under COVID-19 claims must be communicated to the hospital by the insurance provider maximum in one hour from the time it gets the final bill together with the confirmation on the fulfillment of all the necessary requirements raised by the hospital. The order has come after the startling fact came to light that network hospitals are refusing to admit COVID-19 patients with cashless insurance.

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