Entrepreneurship beckons Young India

By Neha Sharma

The start-up eco-system in the country needs willing participation of the individuals, society and the government at large

Many of us lack the entrepreneurship mindset. We are, generally, happy doing routine, unfulfilling jobs even if we are not gainfully employed. But it is a bitter truth that no government can provide adequate jobs to the burgeoning population of the country. It is primarily to instill a spirit of enterprise in the youth of the country that the government has started various skill-oriented, self-employment schemes. In keeping with the global trends, start-ups have been scripting glorious stories of success in India too.

Yet given the lack of supporting eco-system, start-ups find it hard to be a runaway success as the policy-makers are yet to provide simplified norms of incorporation, license, taxation, and the ease-of-doing-business to our entrepreneurs in an adequate measure. Much headway has to be made on providing a single-window system of clearances to businesses across the country. A lot more has to be done by the government to really motivate the youth to become masters of their own destiny, instead of wasting their prime in doing jobs in a tedious, monotonous environment that kills creativity and out-of-box thinking.

Despite these bottlenecks, enterprising individuals in the country are working hard to realise their dreams of economic independence and prosperity. Some of the start-ups have carved huge successes and greatly shaped India’s start-up culture. Companies like Paytm, Flipkart, Ola, Myntra, Zomato, BigBasket, Cleartrip, and Redbus, have become household names, overcoming traditional models of doing business, funding, and bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Providing a conducive ecosystem for start-ups to flourish is not the job of the government alone. It calls for attitudinal change in the youth and their families that can prompt them for shedding biases in favour of secure, routine 9-to-5 jobs. Moreover, aspiring entrepreneurs have to imbibe an innovative mind-set and a spirit of adventure, experimentation, and firm determination to chase their dreams to their fruition. Above all, they have to show willingness to take risks and devise practical, down-to-earth strategies to succeed in the highly competitive and tough times in which we are living today.

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