GST e-invoice system completed journey of 3 months with generating 603 lakh invoices in December 2020


Completing journey of three months in December, GST e-invoice system has enabled more than 37000 tax payers to generate more than 1680 Lakh Invoice Reference Numbers (IRNs) while in December 2020 alone it generated 603 lakh e-invoices. The number of e-invoice generated in November 2020 was 589 lakh.
It clearly depicts the response has been good and that the generation of IRNs has been hassle-free during this period. However, it doesn’t mean there haven’t been any common errors. The most common errors noticed during this period included repeated request on same document number, besides several calculation or validation errors, among others for which proactive measures were taken by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) Help desk. Some of these measures included communication with tax payers through telephonic calls and mails with suggesting corrective measures which significantly brought the errors down.
In the meanwhile, the aggregate turnover cut off has been reduced to Rs 100 crore per annum for IRN generation by the tax payers from January 1, 2021. The NIC has also enabled the offline tool based tax websites for these tax payers and it has already geared up with the sufficient infrastructure to tackle the e-invoices generation for the tax payers. For the small tax payers, the NIC has also developed the offline Excel based IRN preparation system and printing tool, known as NIC-GePP tool which allows the tax payers to prepare the file to upload on NIC IRN portal after entering the invoice details and download the IRN with QR code and thereafter printing the e-invoice with QR code.

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