India received record US$ 58.37 billion FDI between April and November 2020


The recent FDI policy reforms measures taken by the government, coupled with the ease of doing business and investment facilitation, have altogether resulted in increased FDI inflows in the country. During April and November 2020, the country has received a total US$ 58.37 billion FDI inflow and it’s the highest ever for the first eight months of the last financial year.
This figure is also 22% higher when compared to first eight months of 2019-20, that is, the US $47.67 billion. While at the same time FDI equity inflow received from April to November, 2020 is US$ 43.85 billion.
The improvement in FDI inflow is the result of the constant endeavour of the government which has enacted an investor-friendly and enabling FDI policy. FDI is considered as a major driver for the country’s economic development and especially an important source of non-debt finance.
The government’s efforts have been to eliminate policy bottlenecks and making FDI policy more investor-friendly and the steps taken for this have now borne fruit. The continuously increasing volume of FDI inflows is the testimony to it.

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