NHAI launches Miyawaki plantations to enhance green cover along National Highways

To bolster greenery along the country’s arterial roads, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has initiated a pioneering effort to cultivate Miyawaki plantations on land adjacent to National Highways in various regions. A total land area exceeding 53 acres has been earmarked at multiple locations in and around Delhi-NCR for establishing Miyawaki plantations. Preparation of the ground has already commenced at these selected sites, and plantation activities are scheduled to commence during the upcoming monsoon season, aiming for completion by the end of August 2024.

Miyawaki method focuses on creating dense, native, and biodiverse forests in a short span of time. Such forests aid in groundwater retention, recharge the groundwater table, grow ten times faster, and act as effective sound and dust barriers. To ensure the success of the Miyawaki Plantation method, the focus will be on planting indigenous species capable of thriving in local climate and soil conditions.

The development of Miyawaki Forests is poised to create a resilient ecosystem, delivering a range of benefits to the environment and local communities. These include enhancing microclimatic conditions, improving air and soil quality, conserving biodiversity, facilitating rapid green cover growth, efficient carbon absorption, soil restoration, and creating habitats for local flora and fauna. Based on the success of Miyawaki plantation in Delhi/NCR, a similar model will be replicated nationwide.

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