Singing superstar Prince Kumar launches the much-awaited music album Cruise Missile

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Prince Kumar, the latest singing sensation, known for the superhit album “Wanted Prince,” has launched yet another album, “Cruise Missile” that has instantly earned him applause with millions of likes and appreciation of music lovers across the globe. The theme of this latest album is beauty, glamour and above all the ‘Love’ which is the greatest gift of all.


Launched with a bang, the music album “Cruise Missile” has caught the fancy of the young generation that enjoys the company of glamorous gals. Dancing to enthralling tunes is the other fascination they hold dear to their hearts. Prince Kumar has already emerged as a highly popular star and his new album “Cruise Missile” has added another feather to his illustrious cap. The album is centered around, positive vibes, beauty, love and glamour — in a nutshell all the aspects enjoyed by the young and beautiful. Consequently, the song has already been successful in touching the hearts of the new millennials with its melodious lyrics.

“Cruise Missile” has been launched just after this Prince Of Hearts had recently unveiled “Wanted Prince” which received amazing success. Also featuring Punjabi Queen Urvashi, that album had gone viral on the new media. The video is still continuing to get praise also due to its amazing cinematography.

More about the new Album Cruise Missile
☞ Singer- Wanted Prince
☞ Title – Cruise Missile
☞Composer – Wanted Prince
☞Lyrics Rapper -Badmash
☞ Appearance – Wanted Prince
☞ Music – Gautam Awana
☞ Producer – Urvashi
☞ Project – Punjabi Queen Urvashi
☞ Label – Wanted Prince Music
☞ Special Thanks Punjabi Queen Urvashi

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