Ready for discussion with farmers, Govt assures continuation of MSP and APMC Mandis


Speaking in Rajya Sabha to thank the President for his address, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi also assured the agitating farmers that the new farm laws will not undermine APMC Mandis and that affordable ration scheme will also continue for the poor. Welcoming constructive criticism of any new idea, he said to alleviate grievances of small farmers a united approach is necessary. Showing his concern towards the children and elderly at protesting sites, he requested the farmers to return home.

He said that the farmers are being misguided and that some foreign nationals have been engaged in planned provocative actions. “A new class of Andolan Jeevi people have emerged who thrive on agitations only,” he said, cautioning against foreign destruction ideologies.

He took the occasion to also laud all the efforts made towards making India standout in the battle against COVID. He stated that the country has emerged as a pharmacy hub, supplying life-saving drugs to more than 150 countries. “As soon as world’s largest vaccination programme started in the country, India has started supply vaccines to other countries as well,” he said.

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