Surat develops crisis management plan

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Surat, also known as the ‘diamond city’, is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing cities of India due to immigration from different regions of Gujarat and other states of the country. As one of the few major cities of India with a status of ODF++, Surat has been doing inspiring work while treading the journey of Swachhata. When the pandemic of Covid-19 emerged and became a global crisis and affected India and its cities, Surat has shown a similar spirit in protecting and serving its citizens better by developing and implementing a rapid crisis management plan which became a blueprint for the state government of Gujarat to follow.

Description automatically generated with clear objectives of reducing human to human transmission by breaking the chain of transmission concentrating on the epidemiological triad (Agent-Host-Environment Factors), early detection of suspected cases and providing optimum care to the confirmed cases of COVID-19, SMC adopted a three-pronged approach which they call “3-T Strategy” – Track, Test and Treat to fight against COVID-19.

Technology aside, SMC has keenly looked into the issue of waste management. Abiding to the special waste management advisory released by MoHUA, SMC has been collecting solid waste separately from all home quarantine households for which separate D2D collections vehicles are deployed and the waste is processed as per guidelines of Biomedical Waste Management. They are paying special attention that the routine solid waste collection, transportation and disposal activities along with cleaning and scrapping are carried out efficiently to keep the city clean.

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