The world begins relaxing lockdown, so does India


As the corona outbreak shows signs of easing a bit, countries across the globe have begun relaxing lockdown conditions. India eased the conditions of stringent lockdown for 1.3 billion people with the reopening of the neighbourhood as well as standalone shops. Last week, the country allowed resumption of manufacturing and farming activities in rural areas which will help support millions of daily wage earners who were left without work.

In the US as well, states of Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alaska have begun loosening lockdown orders, even as the confirmed US death toll from the coronavirus soared past 50,000. In China, no new deaths reported for the 10th straight day, along with just 12 new cases.

Even though South Korea reported 10 new cases the eighth day in a row, the daily jump in cases in this country has come below 20 and there were no new deaths for the second straight day.

France has already announced to start lifting nationwide lockdown. In Belgium also, hospitals will gradually open to some non-essential tasks and textile outfits will also be allowed to open again as the country begins relaxing safeguards. Denmark has also reopened schools. However, Britain is still holding off on changes to its lockdown as the coronavirus-related death toll in hospitals fast approaches 20,000.

In the US, even republican governors in Georgia and Oklahoma allowed salons, spas, and barbershops to reopen, while Alaska took a step ahead and opened the way for restaurants to resume dine-in service and retail shops.

All these positive developments, even though limited in scope, and subject to social-distancing restrictions have sent positive signals. Still, News Orbiter advises it’s readers: Stay Home, Stay Safe — since we have miles to go before we can heave a sigh of relief.

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