75F Epidemic Mode to safeguard workplaces against COVID-19

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A new HVAC software sequence 75F Epidemic Mode has been introduced with the aim to make commercial buildings healthier while keeping employees and customers safe amid the fast-spreading COVID-19 crisis. It has various features and components like indoor air flushes that replace the entire air of the premises with fresh air from outside while it increases the ventilation during the office hours. The system is based on the guidance of scientists as well as ISHRAE, the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers.

As offices are now reopened across India, buildings require safeguard mechanism against COVID-19. As the virus also travels through airborne transmission, 75F Epidemic Mode minimizes viral loads in buildings, besides ensuring considerable energy savings. It reduces the concentration of infectious airborne particles. It is through its Smart Enhance Ventilation and Smart Purge application that the 75F Epidemic Mode accomplishes its directives. According to Deepinder Singh, CEO, and Founder of 75F, it is extremely important to make the inside environment healthy and safe and 75 F Epidemic Mode is doing that in commercial buildings. Gaurav Burman, APAC President, 75 F added that it has given companies and their employees some peace of mind by making their environments safe and healthy.

75F offers healthy building measures available free of charge to all customers in commercial, office as well as retail buildings, besides schools, apartments, and restaurants, among others.

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