Aadhaar Authentication Surpasses 1.96 Billion Transactions

In a notable achievement, Aadhaar holders conducted a staggering 1.96 billion authentication transactions in April 2023. This figure represents a significant 19.3% surge compared to the same month in the previous fiscal year, highlighting the remarkable growth of India’s digital economy and the widespread adoption of Aadhaar.

Fingerprint-based authentication accounted for the majority of these transactions, followed by demographic and OTP-based authentications. Notably, face authentication is also gaining traction across various sectors, offering a convenient means of service delivery.

The pervasive reach of Aadhaar is evident as its saturation among the adult population remains nearly universal, with an overall saturation level of 94.8% across all age groups. Moreover, in April, more than 15.44 million Aadhaar records were updated based on residents’ requests, underscoring the continuous engagement and reliance on the system.

Aadhaar’s impact extends beyond authentication, particularly through the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS), which drives financial inclusion for the economically disadvantaged. During April 2023, AePS facilitated over 200.6 million last-mile banking transactions through an extensive network of micro ATMs.

Another significant application of Aadhaar is its e-KYC service, which plays a crucial role in the banking and non-banking financial services sectors. By providing transparency and improving customer experiences, e-KYC supports seamless business operations. Notably, April witnessed over 250.5 million e-KYC transactions, emphasizing its continued relevance. Cumulatively, the number of Aadhaar e-KYC transactions has now exceeded 14.95 billion as of April 2023. This widespread adoption of e-KYC significantly reduces customer acquisition costs for entities such as financial institutions and telecom service providers.

Aadhaar’s versatility is further demonstrated by its applications in various domains, including e-KYC for identity verification, AePS for last-mile banking services, and Aadhaar-enabled DBT for direct fund transfers. As the cornerstone of India’s digital public infrastructure and a tool for good governance, Aadhaar continues to align with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of enhancing the ease of living for all residents.





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