Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022 highlights importance of Drone technology


The 2022 edition of Bharat Drone Mahotsav inaugurated by Prime Mininister Narendra Modi showcased open air drone demonstrations amid the presence of Union Ministers and entrepreneurs from different industries. Modi also presented drone pilot certificates to the eligible candidates and while speaking on the occasion he conveyed his appreciation for the initiatives and said that drone sector has immense possibilities of employment generation.

He added that his government has made technology a key tool and drone technology has become the basis of a major revolution. “In the form of drones, we have got a smart tool that is going to be part and parcel of common people’s lives”, he said.

Highlighting the importance of drone technology in disaster management, defense, tourism, agriculture, entertainment and film he added that the use of drone technology is set to increase. He cited an example that the use of drones helped him in his official decision making while PRAGATI reviews and in Kedarnath projects.


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