Coal India to mitigate carbon emissions for energy efficiency


Coal India Ltd (CIL) has taken a series of measures for efficient use of energy. Further, it has announced an ambitious five-year plan to offset carbon in various fields of its operations. In order to reduce carbon footprint in its areas of operations, CIL is forging ahead with the aim to offset carbon emission in all its coal producing companies and in mining operations.
Considering that major reduction in emission of carbon comes from mining activities including ventilation, heavy earth moving machines (HEMM) and transport among others, CIL in the meanwhile, had been taking energy conservation as well as efficiency measures and is moving ahead with emphasizing on reducing the activities responsible for the pollution of environment.
CIL is applying major thrust on replacing HEMM equipment being used by CIL in large numbers in its departments or on contractual basis running on diesel or with LNG. Apart from cutting cost, this arrangement will also reduce emission of carbon. CIL has taken initiatives for a pilot project in collaboration with GAIL at some of its mine sites.
GAIL will arrange transport of LNG to mine sites from the terminal besides arranging for retrofitting KIT to establish LNG storage and dispensing system. Further, around 1500 E-Vehicles will be introduced in all mining areas of CIL in next five years while 200 such vehicles will be operation by the end of the current year.
Moreover, CIL will also introduce over 1700 energy efficient motors for pumping in its mining operations, besides replacing 5000 conventional ACs to energy efficient appliances. It will also introduce over 2.5 lakh LED lights to replace conventional lights, besides using 1 lakh energy efficient super fans in offices.
In all, CIL has planned for carbon offset of over 2.5 lakh tonnes in the next 5 years. With all these initiatives, CIL aims to achieve over 6000 tonnes of carbon offset by this year-end as a major breakthrough.

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