DDA looks to generate 17 lakh dwelling units across Urban Extensions in 95 Villages of Delhi

The modified land policy that has been notified by the ministry of housing and urban affairs calls for the private sector and the farmers to get involved in assembling land apart from physical and social infrastructure development. The new land policy aims at developing sustainable and smart sectors and zones. The land parcels of varied sizes can be pooled. In this process the DDA will act as a facilitator while the process of pooling, planning and development will be done by the Developer Entities or their consortiums.
Under the policy an FAR of 200 is allowed for group housing or residential use. As per the estimates of the DDA about 17 Lakh Dwelling units will be generated and that around 5 lakh Dwelling units shall be available for the consumers under EWS category. The consortium will retain 60% of pooled land as per the policy while 40% of it will be retained on behalf of DDA. The 60% of the pooled land shall be utilized for the development of social infrastructure,

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