India exports Rs 619 crore worth bananas in 2020-21


The world’s leading banana producer with a share of 25 per cent in total output, India has exported 1.91 lakh tonnes of bananas worth Rs 619 crore. Recently, the country has exported a consignment of 22 metric tonne of Geographical Indications (GI) Jalgaon banana to Dubai.

These fibre and mineral rich Jalgaon bananas were sourced from the farmers of Tandalwadi village of Jalgaon district in Maharashtra. Jalgaon district has been identified as banana cluster under Agri Export Policy. Registered with Nisargraja Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Jalgaon, the Jalgaon Bananas are rich in minerals and fibre.

It is because of the adoption of global standard farm practices, the country’s export of bananas is sharply rising. India is the world’s leading producer of bananas and it enjoys 25% share of the total output. The country’s more than 70% of banana production is contributed by Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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