India registers FPI inflows to the tune of Rs 62,782 crore in November 2020

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Even though COVID-19 has badly affected the investment climate in the economies across the world, the investment sentiment in Indian economy remained buoyed by the active and frequent intervention of the government. And it has been demonstrated by the Indian economy’s FPI and FDI trends as well as corporate bond market flows which demonstrate the resilience and strength of Indian economy in which the investors have reposed their faith undeterred by the impact of the pandemic.
Consequently a significant resurgence in both FDI and FPI inflows has been witnessed in the last two months. Recorded on 28th November, the FPI inflow was 62,782 crore. FDI equity inflows on the other hand touched US$30,004 million in the month of September and it’s 15% more than 2019-20 in the same period.
Even the total FPI investment touched a single day peak of Rs 11,056 crore on 12th November, the FDI inflows during the second quarter of FY 2020-20 stood at a remarkable US$ 28,102 million. Out of this amount the FDI equity inflows upto September 2020 stood at US$30,004 million which is 15% more than the corresponding period in the last financial year. Obviously, the government’s concerted efforts and measures in the form of FDI policy reforms, besides ease of doing business and investment facilitation have helped in fuelling both FDI and FPI inflows despite low investors’ sentiments due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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