Major Indian airports achieve carbon neutrality with 100% green energy adoption

In a significant environmental stride, 66 Indian airports, including key hubs such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, are now fully powered by green energy. These airports have not only embraced sustainable practices but have also attained Level 4+ and higher accreditation from the Airports International Council (ACI), marking them as carbon-neutral facilities. The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has spearheaded initiatives to propel Indian airports towards carbon neutrality and net zero carbon emissions.
This involves the standardization of a Carbon Accounting and Reporting framework for airports across the country. MoCA has urged airport operators engaged in scheduled operations to meticulously assess and map carbon emissions at their respective locations, charting a course toward carbon neutrality and net zero emissions in a phased manner. Notably, this drive towards sustainability extends to upcoming Greenfield Airports, where developers and state governments are encouraged to adopt measures that promote carbon neutrality and net-zero practices, emphasizing the utilization of green energy sources.
The commendable outcomes of these endeavors are evident in the ACI accreditation achieved by major airports, signifying their commitment to environmentally responsible practices. As a result, these airports now stand as exemplars of carbon neutrality, having successfully embraced Level 4+ and higher ACI Accreditation. Moreover, a total of 66 Indian airports are now powered entirely by 100% green energy, showcasing a concerted effort by the Government of India to make substantial strides in environmental conservation within the aviation sector.

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