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Mind Therapy, a mental healthcare web portal, has become widely poular in just few months of its launch. In today’s pressure cooker existence in which one out of five adults is considered to be struggling with some mental illness or the other, the digital platform provides the much-needed avenue to address this fast growing challenge.

All over the world including in India, the incidents of mental illnesses are rising sharply and almost taking the shape of a ‘global epidemic.’ Among the most common health problems are depression and anxiety. A report by the WHO revealed that 7.5% of the Indian population suffers from some form of mental disorder. As per another report of Lancet, published in February, 2020, nearly 19.7 crore Indians were suffering from mental disorders; about 5 crores reported to have depressive disorders, and another 4.5 crore were suffering from anxiety disorders. Over and above, nearly 40% people do not consult doctor or therapist and go for treatment because of stigma attached with mental illnesses. Keeping this in mind, retired IAS Balvinder Kumar thought of creating a web portal for handling mental health conditions and thus Mind Therapy (www.themindtherapy.in) was born.

“The uniqueness of this digital platform is that our treatment is based on holistic medicine. One and therefore we should treat our mental problems in holistic way. We are using ntegrative system of healing and treatment with the help of a large number of experts of disciplines like psychiatry, functional medicine, psychotherapy, counselling, ayurveda, nutrition and diet, naturopathy, yoga, and meditation,” says the ex-bureaucrat who is also known for penning several books which provide deep insight into leading a meaningful, spiritual existence.

He adds, “We also have compassionate listeners such as Support Group for sharing of thoughts and giving advice to people. We have empanelled more than 50 experts and renowned practitioners of nine different disciplines on our platform. We provide not only holistic solutions to mental health conditions but also make people more aware and mentally healthy through our services.”

The Mind Therapy emphasises on integrated healing of mind encouraging people to orient their mind to fine-tune their lives. It has also introduced a free mental health assessment test. Upon taking this test,  the visitors can know about the exact state of their mental health.  The portal is also organising regular online Workshops, Webinars ad Spiritual Talks so that people can get aware and enlightened to handle their mental problems more efficiently. It’s providing first session free including counselling, psychotherapy, meditation and deep breathing exercises and interaction with the Support Group of www.themindtherapy.in.


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