The Concept Labs to create Designpreneurs in India

Industry Snippets

The upcoming entrepreneurs in Indian Interior Design and Furniture industry will be provided ideas and advises for opening zero capital startups/businesses through the platform, “The Concept Labs.” It is founded by the serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist(VC), Kushagra Awasthi.

“The Concept Labs” is a pioneering initiative in India,said Avasthi adding that it aims to create an army of ‘Designpreneurs’ in the country.

As per research, the Indian interior design market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% during 2021 to 2027. It’s obviously an opportunity for the skilled entrepreneurs in this segment. These entrepreneurs can be called Designpreneur.

The Concept Labs platform provides a wide range of topics comprising interior design, modular furniture, environmental health and global furniture trade among others. It offers real-time monitoring, systems and tools, finance, funding and opportunities for international partnerships, finance to growing design entrepreneurs, besides live industry training. The Concept Labs team has partnered with associations from countries like Italy, Germany, China and Russia to provide valuable insights and training opportunities to the Designpreneurs.


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