NAREDCO MAHI convention brings spotlight on the contribution of women realtors and experts in real estate sector

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NAREDCO MAHI, the women wing of Naredco organised it’s first convention in the city. Themed at Realty Women – The Transforming Catalyst to Real Estate’, the event witnessed leading lights of the industry deliberating on the importance of the women stakeholders in the real estate sector of the country. The convention noted that the participation of women in real estate sector is urgent for the industry and the economy.

Addressing the event Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister for Housing and Urban Development appreciated the emphasis on greater participation of women in the real estate sector.

He added that urban planning is an area in where women have got more scope since the human aspect in planning is very less which a women leader can bring in.

Gautam Chatterjee, Founder Chairman, MahaRERA said the companies with higher percentage of women in leadership roles perform better as per different surveys.

Tara Subramaniam, Founder President of NAREDCO MAHI added that real estate sector has largely been men-driven and that the NAREDCO MAHI is trying to bridge the gender divide to make a vast change by making efforts towards imparting sector specific-knowledge to women and skilling them.

Ananta S Raghuvanshi,Founder President Elect of NAREDCO MAHI opined that  skilling and empowering women would support evolving realty sector besides boosting the economic growth.

Rajan Bandelkar, NAREDCO President assured NAREDCO would coordinate with state RERAs to address and resolve various issues.

The convention stressed that women realtors and corporates real estate sector can play a key role in leading the sector’s transition towards becoming more technology oriented and sustainable at the same time.

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