Chemical Engineering Professor develops cost-effective waste water treatment technology


A Jadavpur University, Kolkata Chemical Engineering Professor Dr Chiranjib Bhattacharjee has come up with a combination of Electrocoagulation and Electroflotation Enhanced Membrane Module (ECEFMM) technique for the treatment of waste water. This new water treatment technology is highly beneficial for low and medium scale enterprises as it can reduce costs.

Consequently, the food industry, automobile servicing industry, besides enterprises of low and medium scale, will soon have an affordable and smart electric field assisted membrane separation device for the treatment of oily waste water.

An economically feasible wastewater treatment technology, it breaks the oil-water emulsion with the help of electric discharge. It is through this process oil gets separated. Moreover, the new process significantly reduces the capital investment for entrepreneurs. The additional advantage of this technology include reduced area requirement for its installation.

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