PIB organises webinar on post-COVID symptoms and their remedies

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The Press Information Bureau (PIB) held a webinar on various queries related to COVID-19. These included the post-COVID symptoms; how to tackle them; what food items should be taken and many more. Pulmonologist Dr Nikhil Narayan Bante and Nutrionist Ishi Khosla answered various such questions during the virtual meet.

Dr. Nikhil Narayan who is lungs and TB Specialist said that the recovered patients are currently facing post-Covid syndromes and among them some patients even experience them up to 6 months after recovery. Such symptoms are visible in those patients who had severe form of infection.
Nutrionist Ishi Khosla on a question related to nutrition required in the diet of the those patients said, “Proteins should necessarily be present in our diet at least in two meals and that we should pair proteins with vegetables for proper digestion of food.”
The other facts highlighted during the webinar included the information on COVID-19 symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, high sweating, loss of smell ad taste, and palpitation etc. The symptoms may remain even after one year and it is known as post-COVID syndrome.It is since Coronavirus affects all the organs in our body such as kidney, liver and other organs and our body may take time to recover from the infection completely.

The webinar also deliberated upon some of the common post-COVID syndromes like Thromboembolist, Pulmonary embolism and high D-Dimer level, etc. Thromboembolism can be observed only in less than 5% of the patients. Pulmonary embolism is another condition related to post-COVID symptoms in which early signs of blood clot in lungs take place with difficulty in breathing. High D-Dimer levels in some serious patients can also become a cause of worry and then chronic cough in some patients may persist after recovery due to stiffness of lungs.

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