Narayan Rane applauds MSMEs for their resilience

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Committed to achieve the goals of self-reliance and holistic development of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the government has introduced several schemes to create a business environment in which traditional, rural, small and cottage industries equally get the opportunity to flourish.
While celebrating International MSME Day, Union Minister for MSME, Narayan Rane said to achieve its objectives, MSME sector has digitised its business operations, besides cutting down their input cost. The MSME sector has curtailed import by domestically producing essential products.
Rane added that MSMEs have been focusing on reaching the wider market through their online services through which they have also been successful in overcoming the adversity during the pandemic. Considered as the backbone of the country’s economy, MSMEs have been playing a major role in providing livelihood opportunities to the people of the country.
Under the auspices of the United Nations, “International MSME Day” is celebrated on 27 June to encourage innovation. This year it was celebrated with the theme “Resilience and Rebuilding: MSMEs for Sustainable Development”.

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