AYUSH Ministry launches Jan Andolan against COVID-19

Health & Fitness

In view of the fast-approaching winter and the festive season, it is imperative to adopt Corona-appropriate behaviour like wearing masks, following social distancing, besides maintaining hand hygiene. The AYUSH ministry has also started promoting a pledge for safety during the pandemic among the government employees, grassroot organizations, subordinate offices and the general public.

With its 750 Ayush Medical Colleges network, the ministry is expexting the students of these collages to play important role in curbing the spread of the pandemic. All these colleges’ heads, besides over 2000 peopls have already taken pledge about disseminating information on the right behaviour during the pandemic among the public.

As part of the campaign, the national institutes and research councils have been linked directly to the Ayush Ministry to serve as hubs for communications and various other activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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