Jal Shakti Ministry launches Water Testing Lab on Wheels

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With an aim to provide a safe and clean tap water connection to every rural households across the country by 2024, the Ministry of Jal Shakti has taken up tap water connection work on a war footing, while placing the necessary emphasis on quality surveillance and monitoring of the supplied water. The Govt of Haryana, in the meanwhile, has launched a mobile water testing laboratory having analyzers, probes and sensor instruments for testing the quality of the supplied water.

The state-of-the-art GPS enabled mobile water testing laboratory van; it has been designed uniquely equipped with the latest technological features. While the location of this van can be tracked through GPS technology, it also facilitates recording of the results through smart phones and the results are being collected directly on a web-based central server. The mobile water testing lab also boasts of sensor-based fully automated analysis system controlled by software commanded centrally and it also has a LED display unit to instantly display the results after analysis.

The mobile lab helps in identifying on-the-spot water quality issues by analysing the water quality on different parameters including alkalinity, PH, turbidity, Fluoride, zinc and chlorine residual measurement, TDS, etc.
To be stationed in Karnal at the State Water Testing Laboratory, the mobile water testing laboratory van will take samples from the entire state. Such vans will be providing facility of water-testing even at the remotest corners in the state. A flagship programme of the Central Government, Jal Jeevan Mission places considerable emphasis on water quality surveillance and training of five people including women in each village for using the Field Test Kits.

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