Organic food products of India gains greater significance in international markets, export rises despite COVID-19 challenges


India’s export of Organic food products has witnessed steep rise in the current financial year in comparison to the previous fiscal. The export of Indian Organic food has taken 51% jump in terms of value amounting to Rs 7078 crores while in terms of quantity the export has grown by 39% to 888,179 metric tones in the current fiscal.

India’s organic products export has grown remarkably despite the logistical and operational bottlenecks caused by the COVID19 pandemic. India exports various commodities of organic products such as, oil cake meal, fruit pulps, purees, creals, millets, oil seeds, dry fruits, pulses, coffee, etc.

The country exports its organic products to 58 countries which include European Union, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Australia, Great Britain, South Korea and Israel, among others. Apart from these countries, negotiations for trade are currently underway with Korea, New Zealand, UAE, Japan and Taiwan.

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